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Tips In Decorating Your Startup Office to Alleviate Morale


Our working environment has a symbiotic relationship with our productivity and well-being. A clean and comfortable workplace makes work much more enjoyable and eases stress during those long hours spent in the office. Whether you are an employer, manager or an employee, there are things you can do to make your workplace geared for comfort, enjoyment, productivity and well being.


  1. Add Some Colour

Colors help the mood and atmosphere. Blue has a relaxing and soothing aura. Red is proven to increase urgency and increase energy. The blend of colors does help improve the backdrop of the office mood. Keep in mind to blend colors with regards to the original interior plans in order not to have contrasting colors that conflict with our senses. What the eyes perceive as too sharp causes an immediate stress effect. If you are just planning to design the office, go for relaxing colors such as white.



  1. Clean and Orderly

We are often too busy with our occupation that we somehow forget the accumulated items or junk found around our office. A messy desk space is less inspiring, just as unwashed dishes in the office kitchen and the overflowing trash found in the bin. This is where a concentrated effort and consistency of maintaining orderliness will help alleviate mood in the office.  Clean up today and watch how mood improves for the following days.



  1. Flora Power

More than pleasantry, flowers and their presence around the office weight more than their aesthetic value. Sure they are endearing, but they also greatly help morale by decorating them in desk spaces as a reminder of appreciation. You may want to consider artificial flowers with fragrance as withered flowers are a sight to be distressed about.



  1. Light and Its Measure

A well lit office is a productive one and it sets a very positive mood given its illuminating effect. A dark and cool office may seem to be comforting for some, but the glare of computer monitors has a bad strain effect on the eyes for long term. Windows and natural lighting help give a radiant aura of productivity. As much as possible, windows must let in the natural daylight as it helps promote energy that lifts enthusiasm and productivity in turn.



  1. Items of Sentimental Value

Adding a personal touch to the office may seem like nothing new, but it does help curb the feeling of home sickness especially when you work long hours in the office. Bring your favorite items to be placed in your desk, the feeling of endearment with the presence of your cherished things help you acclimate with the office better. One can also allow some degree of freedom to your employees in adding baubles or small decors in their work desks as it helps them feel comfortable while working.



  1. Modification

We are a work in progress and your office is the same. It may fare better if further improvement can be made such as upgrading your old furniture and desks to new ones. Adding something new or the office getting timely additions or upgrades does help alleviate mood. It has a significant impact on work psychology where it creates that feeling of progress. Setting up work desks and office furnishings to better observe space in a timely manner is also ideal. Things do get clutter up and it is up to us to make space for better maneuverability around the office. Small things like new furnishings help keep things exciting around the office.


Whether you are an office owner, a would be startup looking for a place to start operations or a firm engaged in business real estate broker in Victoria, maintaining an office productivity and liveability will net you the best results as an office that is managed well in terms of aesthetic impressions offers greater chances to be rented or sold.

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