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Best Marketing Strategies for your Commercial Real Estate Advertising

Are you planning to advertise your commercial property? What type of tenants you’d like to have in your commercial property? Probably, you want to put the ad in front of the market that’ll match well with your space to increase the chances of finding long-term tenants. Here are Commercial Real Estate Marketing ideas that may help you.


Video Marketing

Video as a marketing strategy creates curiosity, builds appeal, and adds a great impression, and for real estate companies, video helps improve brand recall.

The video should start with great music, explains the features of the property with great visuals, and gives the prospect a great reason to inquire.


3-D video walkthroughs of your property

3-D video walkthroughs give the prospect a realistic look at the property by creating a realistic and immersive experience, they’re more likely to get converted into a genuine lead. The most significant advantage of using a video walkthrough is showing your commercial property round the clock to any number of interesting prospects.


Email Marketing

Email marketing is more effective at acquiring customers and retaining them compared to other social media channels. But unfortunately, a lot of commercial real estate email marketing campaigns don’t show the best results because they spam prospects with listings without trying to stand out and form a connection with them. The best way to avoid such a mishap is to create a real estate email marketing strategy to share high-value content with your prospects.


Run remarketing campaigns on social media

You need to run remarketing ads targeting website visitors and those who interacted with your videos to convert more prospects into leads. The best part about using remarketing ads is that you acquire customers at reduced ad spending because you’re only targeting those customers who have shown an interest in your product.


Advertise in traditional media outlets

Although digital marketing is taking over the commercial real estate space, offline advertising is still effective when used in tandem with the former. Advertising in print media like journals, flyers, signages, etc., is still great for building awareness to make local prospects remember your commercial real estate business.


Decide and Act now!

You need to take digital and offline advertising to promote your commercial property. But many commercial realtors don’t know how to get started with marketing and the activities they should invest in to see returns. You can choose to list your commercial property in National Brokers Network’s Free Online Property Listing or contact us for a Free Property Appraisal and we can discuss the best way we can advertise for lease or for sale, the said commercial real estate.

National Brokers Network has a real estate marketing plan that will help you create a strategic plan for your commercial property. We will help you kickstart your marketing efforts and see returns. Contact us now!

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