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Declutter Hack for Homeowners


Planning to do some cleaning and some “cleaning out” anytime soon? De-cluttering is not easy for most people, and if you’re having a hard time filling up that “throw out” box, here’s a list of things you ought to get back out of your “keep” box and get rid of or give away at last.


Unless it has some serious sentimental value to you, it’s best to get rid of those mugs you know you’re never going to use.


Get rid of old mobile phones, chargers and other outdated devices you no longer have any use for. Just make sure that when you do throw them out, you turn them over to the right people or an institute that properly handles e-waste.


Keep the loot, ditch the bag. Unless of course you’ve got a pet dog, in which case, save those bags for picking up dog poop.


It may be hard because you keep them for reference and whatnot, but if you’ve got piles and piles of them lying around the house, there’s no use holding on and hoarding them. The best way to handle this is to simply tear out the pages that have some significance to you and recycle the rest.


It’s easy to forget to throw out medicine and makeup that have gone beyond their use before dates. But, if you’re not careful, you may find yourself accidentally popping an expired pill and getting yourself sick in the process. Or you could be putting on old makeup and doing unspeakable damage to your already sensitive skin. Throw them out before they throw you off.

And to give you a bonus, here are three things you ought to keep (and we’re sure you have).


Not only are they too pretty to throw away, they are also quite useful for storage, or even your own herb garden. Find ways to upcycle your empty tea tins and turn them into a beautiful display of art.


Whether for storing small items like screws and sewing materials, or as paint trays for when you feel like doing some DIY at home, these multi-purpose plastic takeout containers sure are handy and perfectly reusable.


Apart from making great static removers, these sheets can be repurposed and used as iron cleaners, dusters, and even Swiffer refills for cleaning your floors.

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