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Ways to increase your homes overall value

Renovations projects are fun to take on and they can also be quite rewarding if done right. When planning for renovations in your home, consider projects which will help increase your property’s value and steer clear of others which will not bring any added benefits to the table.

Here are the dos and don’ts of home renovations for added home value.

Do: a kitchen upgrade

If there’s a renovation project to put at the top of your list, it has to be a kitchen renovation. As the heart of your home, it is the place where you and your family spend most of your time in. Therefore, upgrading your kitchen will not only boost your home’s worth, it would also be beneficial to you. Here are upgrades to consider for this part of the house:

  • Add stainless steel kitchen appliances
  • Upgrade kitchen countertops
  • Replace old knobs with shiny new ones
  • Buy a new faucet for the sink

Don’t: add a swimming pool

A pool in the backyard may be a thrill to have at home, but many homeowners do not want to be bothered with expensive maintenance and the possibility of becoming liable for accidental drowning and other related incidents. Swimming pools also make a bad investment for properties located in areas that do not really get a lot of hot summer days.

Do: a bathroom revamp

One of the biggest turn offs in houses that need renovation are old, dirty-looking, and cracked toilets. Here are bathroom upgrade ideas:

  • Replace old toilets
  • Install an eye-catching, space-saving vanity
  • Add a window for natural light or install proper lighting to better illuminate the space

Don’t: convert bedrooms into hobby-specific spaces

It may sound like a good idea at present, but if you think about the long-term impact of this kind of project, you will see that it’s a risky one to take on because a room that is too customised loses most of its value. Why? Potential buyers who are NOT into the same hobby may find the room to be useless, and would not want to spend money converting it back into a bedroom or renovating it to become another space entirely. If you really must have a room for your hobby, make sure the work you do in it will be easy to “un-do” for when you will sell the house.

Do: go eco-friendly

Green homes are in nowadays and there is plenty of value to be had in properties that have energy-saving components integrated into them. Suggested changes include:

  • Installing ceiling fans
  • Adding storm doors
  • Other insulation ideas for keeping the heat in during winter, and letting it out during summer

Don’t: lay down carpet

Carpets are one of the major causes of allergies and other lung problems. They are more difficult to clean than hardwood floors. So, if you are looking to take on a project involving the floor, go for natural hardwood or engineered wood flooring instead.

Do:  purchase a Sprinkler System

Maintaining a landscaped garden can be a chore, and not anyone can be bothered with it. But, everyone loves nice, green grass on their lawn. Add a sprinkler system with an automated timer so you can start investing in a good-looking lawn minus the effort. This will certainly boost your property’s value as well. 

Don’t: convert your garage

If you are thinking about turning your garage into a playroom for the kids, stop right there. A project like that can make it harder for you to sell your home in the future because most people do not just want a garage on their property, they NEED it for their vehicle/s or for extra storage. Our best advice, leave the garage alone and let it stay a garage.

Do: Invest in surround sound systems

More and more people are placing importance on a good entertainment system at home, and we encourage you to do so, too. The more high-tech your home is, the more impressive (and expensive) it will look to buyers. Here’s a tip:

  • Create a remarkable sound system by centrally wiring it in your home and putting a dedicated speaker in every room. That way, you can control the music from anywhere inside your house with the touch of a single remote.

Want more tips on other renovation project ideas? Get in touch with a residential real estate broker Victoria and get first dibs on the latest trends in the housing market today.

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