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Why Cafe owners should provide WiFi for customers

Life is being lived fast-paced in today’s times compared to the contemporary times. How we bridged the gap of time and space in regards to information transmitted over geographic covered are well documented in the 21st century thanks to telecommunications technology and its wireless application to the common devices like smartphones and tablet computers. Time and activity has picked up in intensity as we are multi-tasking more with the onset of mobile technology. Take some time and smell the roses as the old saying goes, which is why it is a luxury if we can sit down and sip enjoy coffee without the notifications of our upcoming appointments. It has been the less guilty pleasure of some to spend some time down in the little old coffee shop tucked in between the cranny of buildings that serves traditional brewed coffee. Many still enjoy the old coffee shops compared to the modern café outlets that are continuously expanding throughout the regions. The advantage of cafes is that they cater to the young adults more due to them offering more than just great blended coffee but also the complimentary service like FREE Wi-Fi. It is a fact that café or coffee shops alike who have free wi-fi attracts more crowd. Many confessed that they buy coffee for the wi-fi. There we have it, one of the selling points of café is their wi-fi.


Here are more reasons for café owners to consider giving free wi-fi to their customers:


  • Attract new customers – Free Wi-Fi is inviting to people who are new to the area or just visiting downtown. Offering Wi-Fi is a good way to introduce your café’s offering of coffee and pastries to passersby and tourist groups, who are all happy to sit, order and enjoy your coffee while attending to their mobile phones.


  • Cost efficient – Internet plans for small businesses are affordable nowadays thanks to the competition of the internet service providers (ISP) that not only pushes down their respective pricing, but also keeps them competitive in the small and business markets. A wi-fi service is one of the best investments for café as you are giving customers one of the primary reasons to not only buy your coffee but also enjoy your hospitality.



  • Customer Expectations – Believe it or not, customers nowadays expect cafes or coffee shops to offer free wi-fi. Many of them are willing to pay for coffee and pastries just to spend an hour or two, browsing the internet or connect with social media. Having wi-fi nowadays is meeting customer expectations.


  • Customer Retention – Having not only great coffee, pastries and hospitality will make your customers keep coming back to your coffee shop, your free wi-fi service is another reason. In today’s mobile savvy customer, a place having wi-fi within their convenient area is definitely a keeper.


  • Being Competitive – Customers enjoy coffee, pastries and the wi-fi as hospitality by the café. Old coffee shops can stay afloat by going with the times and start offering free wi-fi as a part of their beloved and timeless coffee brews. A café having wi-fi will attract more customers compared to the one without wi-fi. Wi-fi is also a reason for customers to keep coming back.



While Wi-Fi can be an option for customers to connect or not when they are enjoying your café, commercial properties and café establishments in Victoria are becoming local hubs for social gatherings thanks to great coffee, tasty pastries and wi-fi as a part of the customer experience.

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