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The City of Melboure: Now Ready for New Changes

The City of Melbourne is still the fastest growing municipality in Australia. For the past 13 years, its residential population has doubled to more than 116,000. According to experts, it also has a strong potential growth in the future (150,000 by 2021 and up to 200,000 by 2031).

Now, the big question is where and how are the new occupants of the city to be housed?

New housing projects are just one of the Melbournes’s draft housing strategies, and just before the actual launch, contractors gather feedback not only to real estate brokers but also to residents and prospect buyers.

While the focus is the City of Melbourne, reports and yearly forecasts make it more interesting no matter where you live. This is because of the challenges Melbourne faces like growth populations, accessibility, affordability, and design—which is also similar to other big cities in Australia—from Sydney all the way to Perth, cities are maximising their resources to develop their own blueprints and build a solid plan for the future.


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So what inspired Melbourne?

As the draft Homes for People strategy strongly argues, housing is one of the most broad and complicated issues. Governments—federal, state and local—all have a vital role to increase and improve housing projects.

Many real estate brokers in Melbourne believe affordable and quality housing is fundamental to a good quality of life and sustainable city. And as they say: “Affordable and high quality housing is good for the economy because it encourages investment and job growth and ensures that workers essential to the city’s economic future are able to live close to new jobs.”

Melbourne: Challenges Accepted

Just like any other modern growing cities, there are many challenges that Melbourne will need to face in the future. These include rising housing costs, shrinking apartment sizes, lack of schools in the city—affecting demand for family living, a predominance of one and two-bedroom apartments on the market, and many more. These things are all because of the surprising population growth.


The good news is the City of Melbourne is putting it all-out-effort to sustain the needs of the people by improving their housing projects and other development institutions. To give you a brief background, here are some of their goals in the future:

  1. To provide more affordable housing projects for low and moderate income earners. To be more specific, they aim to provide at least 1721 affordable/subsided homes by 2021.
  2. To improve  home-design and environmental standards of new apartments in the city.
  3. To develop housing awareness and educate every community when it comes to good quality housing.

Every growing city needs to adjust to the new changes in the community. And the City of Melbourne is doing everything to sustain the needs of the people and the whole community.

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