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Wash more with your washing machine

You can wash a whole lot of other things using your washing machine than you ever thought possible. This will save you time and effort manually getting these items clean yourself.

Here are seven items you probably never thought you could throw into the machine for washing.

  1. Mats (car, bath, yoga)


Mats are some of the toughest things to clean. So, instead of having to scrub the dirt off of them yourself, you can simply use the washing machine. Whether it is your car mats, bath mats, or even your Yoga mats, next time you need to give them a deep clean, throw them in the washer.


  1. Running shoes


For deep and thorough cleansing, use an eraser cleaner and go over the scruffs first before putting your sneakers in the washing machine. It’s going to create some noise, so if you want to muffle the banging sounds, you might want to throw in some towels in need of washing in there, too.


  1. Pillows


Your pillows absorb plenty of moisture and dirt, and all that can accumulate inside it. It’s a good idea to give it a good wash periodically and you can do that using the washing machine. Worried about ruining the fluff? No worries! Both synthetic and down pillows are safe to put in the washing machine as long as you let them dry thoroughly to prevent mould growth.


  1. Backpacks


Backpacks are all-around, down-and-dirty kind of bags. It’s no surprise to see them get so dirty with stains that are tough to remove. Give your backpacks a good clean in the washer but make sure to be extra careful and run it on gentle wash if they have any appliqués or special designs on them.


  1. Plastic shower curtains


Does your shower curtain always end up getting riddled with soap scum? The solution is to wash it regularly in the washing machine before the buildup dries out and leaves tough-to-remove stains.


  1. Toys (stuffed animals, bath toys, Lego)


Children need to be protected against germs that collect on their favourite toys. A fast and convenient way to disinfect these toys is to put them in the washer. You can put soiled stuffed animals, mouldy bath toys, and even dusty Lego blocks (stuffed in a laundry bag) and give them a good whirl. This way, you will feel much better the next time your child decides to “taste” his or her toys. 


  1. Curtains


 While not quite noticeable, curtains get pretty dirty and dusty over time. They can be a pain to wash too, but not if you use the washing machine. Just make sure not to overload the washer and put your curtains in one panel at a time.






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