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Tips in Starting Your Business for Fast Track Growth

Start ups are all the rage right now as almost everyone wants to build their own business and become the next big thing. That’s all great and all, but if we were to ask, are those people really up for it?

The answer depends because planning and building a start up business isn’t as glorious as how they portray it on movies and television, where a group of youngsters hatch a brilliant idea while playing videogames then becoming big and being bought by a rich investor. Something that a lot of business brokers in Victoria encounter often.

It’s actually quite hard, but very far from impossible, so without further fluff to raise the word count of this article, here are some tips on starting your business for fast track growth.


1. A Carefully Planned and Defined Brand

No matter what industry your start up may be in, before you start it, it’s best that you have a well-defined and carefully planned “brand” in place.

How would you present your business to your target audience? Do you have a logo?

The brand is your identity and it will be the thing that your business will revolve in.


2. Utilize The Internet

The Internet made everything accessible and made a lot of things free…UTILIZE IT.

Before, advertising your business can be very expensive, but thanks to the world wide web and specifically social media, it’s almost free now! In addition, you can also use the Internet and social media to reach out new heights for your business.


3. Connect With Your Customers

Connecting with your customers is a surefire way to fast track your start up business because you know why?

A customer wants a more personal connection with the company they transact with today. Customers want a company that knows their preference and shows that they matter to the business.

By connecting with your customers, you’re building a better relationship, which will encourage them to patronise your business that leads to better profits and growth.

Confidentiality Agreement

In Consideration of the Vendor of the subject business, or any other business introduced to the Proposed Purchaser and their agent National Brokers Network (“the agent”) providing information to the Prospective Purchaser, the Prospective Purchaser agrees:

1. To keep all information provided confidential in respect to the subject business and any other business introduced to the Prospective Purchaser by the Agent.
2. That no information is to be disclosed by the Prospective Purchaser to any third party without consent by the Agent;
3. That it will not use for themselves. Or for others benefit, such information other than to Purchase the subject business or other business introduced by the Agent;
4. That any agreement to purchase the whole or portion of the business shall be exclusively through the Agent;
5. To immediately return to the Agent all such information and other details in written form including any drawings and any copies made of written information, notes, summaries or extracts of any document therefor if any when requested by the Agent;
6. Under no circumstances will the Prospective Purchaser make direct contact with the vendor of the subject business or other introduced business without the prior written consent of the Agent;
7. If the Prospective Purchaser breaches this agreement or buys the business direct from the Vendor, the Prospective purchaser is liable to and indemnifies the Agent for any and all losses the agent may incur including economic loss and loss of income.v

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