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Tips in Saving Energy and Money for the Home in the Cold Weather Months

We’re going to just say the obvious and tell you flat out that electricity is expensive, especially during the winter season.

They say that tropics have it easy because they only experience increased energy consumption during the summer months where everyone wants some good ol’ air conditioning.

Unfortunately, places that experience winter season also have to install heaters, which consume a lot of electricity. But fret not. There are plenty of ways you can save both energy and money in your home, during the cold weather months.


Scope Your Home and Get It Checked – Before you begin some cold weather proofing, it’s best to check out your whole house for cracks and air leaks. You really don’t have to pay for a professional to know your home’s insulation issues.

Air leaks may sound simple and harmless, but according to energy efficiency experts, it accounts for increased energy consumption. Identify every issue and then move on with the repairs.


Get Your Walls Sealed – Sealing your walls is a simple, but very effective solution when it comes to saving heat and energy.

In addition, sealing your walls is a very easy task because you can do it yourself with minimal materials needed. Just get yourself a trusty caulk or a silicone gun and blast those holes and cracks.

Too cheap to buy caulk or silicone? One word: DUCT TAPE. Wait, that’s two words.


Keep Your Heating System Well Maintained We don’t know about you, but it’s best to do heating system maintenance BEFORE the cold weather months arrive.

Maintain it well and make it run in the most efficient way as possible. A simple tune up on your furnace or boiler system will result into significant cash and energy savings.

However, if you see that your home’s heating is beyond repair, buy a new one. It may be expensive, but it will save you lots of money in the long run.


Get Weather Appropriate Windows – What does that even mean? Does such a thing even exist? Of course, it does and it’s available in spades.

The problem with some homes is that when choosing a window, owners often disregard the climate. If you’re located in a place that gets extremely cold during winter, buy windows with insulated glass, which will keep your home warm and toasty.

If money is not an issue, considering buying a “super window” that features a krypton, argon and air mix between its panes. These are the best type of thermal windows money can buy and its performance is bar none.

…..Or you can just buy a new house and contact a real estate broker based in Victoria.

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