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Is Your Business Prepared For The Cold Weather Ahead

Winter is coming…or so they say. As the cold wind blows through your skin, you might find yourself saying, “Why is my office so damn cold? Somebody turn up the heat!”

Is your business prepared for the cold weather ahead? If the answer is no, then we got you covered! Here are three simple and easy-to-do tips to make your office “cold-weather-proof.”

No LEAKS Allowed

We don’t mean stopping yourself from going to the loo and doing your “business,” what we mean is stopping air leaks, which may affect the overall temperature of your office.

Things like damaged or poorly insulated walls, doors or windows can result in wasting precious warm air. It’s best to repair these leaks even before winter arrives.

Stopping leaks doesn’t have to be expensive. No need to contact your own business broker in Victoria, simply using duct tape is enough. It may be a bogan solution, but it’s also cheap and effective in stopping air leaks.

Take Care of Your HVAC System

Whether it’s the cold winter or the scorching hot summer, the HVAC system is your business’ trusted friend when it comes to maintaining acceptable air conditions.

Always keep it fixed and well-maintained. Create a regularly scheduled professional maintenance check and upgrade it if necessary. One simple upgrade you can do to your HVAC is its air filter, which removes bacteria and allergens that may be present in your air.

Improve Your Overall Air Quality

During the cold months, office windows are obviously kept close, which may turn the air stale.

Keep your air fresh and easy to breathe by opting to ditch cleaning products that contain chemicals. Additionally, you may also choose to put indoor plants around the work area that will provide natural air filtration.

Make your business bearable to work in despite the harsh cold weather. Implement these simple moves and it will be benefit your work place even beyond the winter season.


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