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Summer Productivity Tips for Undergraduates


There are a number of ways by which undergraduates can make the most out of their summer and gain valuable experience they can use to go further in their blossoming careers.

Summer provides the perfect opportunity to take a step back from academics in pursuit of a professional path where undergraduates can potentially find and channel their passions to become happily employed or to explore future money-making business ideas.

These activities can help students increase productivity and prepare their professional portfolio for the summer.

  1. Update your resume – make sure to include all relevant seminars and trainings attended.
  2. Complete your LinkedIn profile – check if the data you provided is accurate and updated.
  3. Draft cover letters – start learning to create cover letters that reflect who you are and what your objectives are.
  4. Get to know companies of interest – do your research and find out more about the companies you are interested in applying at in the future. Is their vision aligned with yours, and vice versa?
  5. Create a list of target companies to apply at – after researching different companies, make a master list of the organisations you see yourself working in after you graduate.
  6. Broaden your professional network and get more onnections – find out whether there is anyone from your circle of connections (or anyone you are closely or remotely connected to, like an alumni) who can help you with each company in your list when the time comes. 
  7. Conduct interviews – when research alone is not enough, you’ll need to ask around and get feedback about the companies you are interested in, just to gather more information.
  8. Observe someone from the same profession you want to pursue – shadow someone or volunteer at a local organisation to get a glimpse of what you can expect if you follow the same career path in the future.
  9. Get started on a personal project – one way to develop skills relevant to specific career aspirations is to conduct a project. Summertime is great for doing this and developing other unexplored potential.
  10. Attend seminars – there are summer career camps and specialised seminars designed to help undergraduates navigate their future career path.

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