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4 Tips in Restarting Your Commercial Retail Store in 2016


How can your business market to consumers who are already fed up with old tactics? In today’s customer experience-centred marketplace, consumers are looking for businesses that know how to take care of their loyal followers and customers and give them what they want. 

Here’s how to better communicate with customers to restart your commercial retail store this 2016. 

Stand for something

One of the ways to really connect with customers and to keep them coming back for more is to be a recognisable and memorable brand. 

But how? 

Communicate your company’s values and let people know what you stand for. That means telling your story, setting yourself above the competition, and giving your target audience reason to remember you. When consumers feel connected or united with a brand that stands for a cause they feel passionate about, they are more like to become loyal customers and brand ambassadors. 

Simplify the purchasing process

The last thing customers want upon checkout is a complicated process that is not user-friendly and takes forever to finish. When selling products or services: make customers feel that you are not there only to make money, but to give your customers an enjoyable experience as well. 

Use persuasive words familiar to customers like “free,” “promo,” “new,” etc. 

Whatever you do, make it simple and make it fun. 

Add a special touch to the customer experience

When a brand goes beyond the call of duty and caters to customers in a way that makes them feel special, it is rewarded with repeated business. 

The feeling of personalised service or an exceptional customer experience is what makes many customers patronise a brand. And when others hear of amazing experiences, be it at a restaurant, boutique, airplane, or hotel, they are encouraged to participate and subscribe, just for the chance to experience the same. 

Launch loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are a way to make valued customers feel appreciated. If a loyalty program is implemented well, it would help continue the loyalty and perhaps even increase it. 

So, take a step back and look at your marketing plan. Restart your commercial store this year by improving your tactics and making the overall customer experience a memorable treat they won’t soon forget. 

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