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Small businesses can have a hard time enduring the cold summer months

Small businesses can have a hard time enduring the cold summer months.

We don’t mean that they don’t have any indoor heating of any sort, but thriving as a business – profit wise.

Unless they’re a winter specialty store that sells products for cold weather like boots, jackets or skis, surviving during the winter season can be the bane of many businesses.

However, it’s not exactly impossible to make bank during this season, as the people from Business 2 Community have said. According to them, there are three things that a business should consider when planning for the winter months, here they are.

Working With What You Got

Let’s say that you’re a business that sells beach wear. Flip flops, bathing suits and floaters. Doesn’t sound like a lucrative business during cold months right?

If you’re a business that sells items that are most appropriate during warmer seasons, it’s best to consult with an expert, sort of like a commercial property broker in Victoria, that will repurpose your product. For example, the simple tank top that’s usually worn during hot weather can be a good inner wear for a sweater or a jacket.

Learn How to Fit In

You know when they say that you don’t have to fit in and we’re all really just special snowflakes? Well, if you want your business to make a profit, throw that advice to the window and listen to this.

When we mean fit in, we mean try to buy and sell temporary products that are more appropriate to the cold cold winter.

For example, a smoothie and ice cream shop that’s obviously better suited to the warmer months. The thing is, they don’t just stop selling their frozen treats, but rather apply a winter theme overall like selling white chocolates or selling winter-associated flavours, thereby continuing to get noticed by customers.

Learn How to Embrace Winter

Businesses that are suited more for the summer doesn’t have to outright close temporarily, what they should do is to relate their business to the cold weather.

Just like the example Business 2 Community has so conveniently provided, a paintball business usually is more lucrative during the summer since it’s an outdoor activity. No one in their right mind would go out in the cold right?

Not exactly because apparently, if you apply a quirky pop culture theme, like, let’s say, Luke Skywalker fighting the Imperials in the snow, people would patronise it and will start to go paintballing in an attempt to recreate that scene. Create snow-themed stuff for your business and people would still flock to it.

In conclusion, you may argue that these aren’t applicable to every business, but it’s certainly one of the better ways to thrive in the cold months. Winter is coming and it’s time to make bank.


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