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4 Ways to Unload Your Excess Products during its Offseason

Most often than not, clothing stores don’t clear out their catalogue, leaving the owner worried about how is he going to unload all of these remaining merchandise.

This usually happens to specialty stores, like a winter equipment retailer. As the cold season ends, many owners are left wondering how they are going to unload unsold stuff like sweaters, boots and skis. To be honest, there’s no clear-cut solution, but there are a lot of ways to minimise the surplus of goods.


1. Offer Them at a Discount

Everybody loves a discount. Imagine, getting a perfect new item, at a fraction of a price. Announce that your store is having an “End of the season sale” and see people buying your stock for the coming winter ahead.

However, don’t overdo it though as customers may think that you’re a discount store, instead of a premium retailer.


2. Put a Clearance Bin

It’s similar to having a store sale, but subtler. Put one section in your store dedicated to unsold items, which customers may buy for a lesser price.

Clearance bins are a good way to dispose unsold items quickly, but still make a profit in the process. One piece of advice though, don’t put too much unwanted items in your bin and put a hidden gem in there so buyers are encouraged to dig deep for bargains.


3. Return to Vendor

If you can’t sell them anymore, ask if your supplier has a “Return to Vendor” option so they can take back unsold stuff and redistribute them to other retailers, which may have a better chance of selling them.

If not, find a vendor willing to do that for you or at least someone that may exchange them for items that are in season.


4. Donate  Them to Charity

Did you know that there are children in Africa suffering from harsh cold weather conditions? Did you know that it snows in Africa?

We wish we were kidding, but the continent experiences cold weather too! So if you can’t sell them or return them back to a vendor, then maybe you can just donate them to charity.

There are many charities that would welcome your unsold items with open arms so they can sell them and make a profit donate them!

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