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Save Money this Winter with These Easy Tips

When the temperatures drop, your spending rises.

It’s almost a fact that whenever winter arrives, we tend to spend a little bit more. Be it to feel comfort or just for the sole reason of “getting in with the times,” winter can really be trying time when it comes to stopping yourself from spending more than you should.

But don’t worry though because we got you covered. Here are some ways you can save money this winter!


Brew Your Own Coffee

Coffee culture has become widespread and hip & trendy coffee shops have been sprouting left and right, which tempt you to grab a hot java to warm yourself during this cold cold month.

Imagine this scenario: The average cost of a cup of coffee from cafes is usually around $3 dollars. So let’s say you grab a cup every day, so that’s $21. Multiply that by four because a month has four weeks, so that’s $84 a month.

Seems like chump change, but that’s just $84 of the most basic cup! One way to solve this? Brew your own. It’s significantly cheaper and will also let you enjoy of crafting your own cup of coffee.


Potluck Parties Galore

It’s fun to hold parties with friends during the cold months. Just imagine, you and your pals around the roaring fire place, sharing stories, playing board games and ordering food.

All very fun to do, but the last part? It’s costly.

We know that pizza or take-out Chinese food isn’t exactly expensive, but it still costs money. The solution? Make it a potluck party where everyone contributes food. This way, you’ll still have your party while also tasting your friend’s horrible cooking!


Adjust the Thermostat

Heating things uses more electricity than cooling things. It’s a fact.

So when it comes to your heating system, try to keep the thermostat on manageable levels and instead rely on natural heating such as fire or a thick cosy jacket.


Considering Cooking Meals That’ll Last You Days

It’s obviously expensive to eat outside so cooking your food at home will bring much savings.

But to truly maximise your savings, consider cooking meals that will last you days, which you’ll just warm every time you’ll eat. Cook dishes such as soup, chilli or rice porridges that not only will fill you up, but can last for considerable time.


Engage on Some Free Entertainment

Oh yay! It’s the winter! It’s time to grab your toboggan and do some tobogganing in some cosy resort’s snowy hills!

NOT! That’s expensive mate, so instead of that, why not engage on some free fun like skiing in a frozen lake or some good old-fashioned snow ball fight!

Winter can still be fun without breaking the bank! These 5 tips are the proof!



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