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Practical Tips in Being Warm and Cozy this Morning

Winter is cold and damp and sometimes the cold gets too much that it’s as if you just want to hug a roaring fire.

But you can’t do that right? Keeping your home warm and cosy during the winter season is actually easy and in fact, won’t even cost you much. How? Easy, just read this list and find out!


1. Seal Windows

Windows are great at bringing in natural lighting and cold air. These traits are perfectly fine….if it’s the summer.

But during winter though, windows are the enemy that you want to seal them shut like you’re in a zombie apocalypse movie! To keep it warm inside, it’s best to seal your window crevices so as warm air will stay inside, while cold air will remain outside.


2. Look for Air Leaks

Houses often have small cracks or openings that let cold air inside. Search your home for these and seal them immediately.

An effective way of closing small cracks is to buy calk and use it like there’s no tomorrow! If you don’t want to use calk, then you can go ahead and just apply weather stripping or a plastic sheet to cover these holes.


3. Get Your Heating Systems Properly Maintained

Your heating system is your best friend during the winter season. Best friends take care of each other right? So take care of your heating system!

Get it properly checked and maintained by a professional, by doing so, your system will run better and more efficient, thereby producing ample amounts of heat.

Residential property brokers often say that they sell the house better when heating systems of the structure is well-maintained. So if you also want to sell your home in the future, better get your systems checked.


4. Minimise Fireplace Heat Loss

Apart from your Heating System, your fireplace needs some love too… if you have any.

Fireplaces not only bring warmth, but also cosy memories since we spend alot of time near it during the cold months, with a hot chocolate in hand and talking to friends.

So maintain your fireplace and keep heat loss to a bare minimum. And Then We Saved said that you should consider the following if you wish to minimise fireplace heat loss:

  • In case the fireplace remains unused, you should seal the chimney flue.
  • Those using the fireplace regularly should get a set of tempered doors installed along with a heat-air exchange mechanism that throws warm air directly inside the room.
  • Seal the flue damper on the fireplace to ensure that it is properly sheltered.
  • Use caulking around the hearth of the fireplace.
  • Install grates made from C-shaped metal tubes for uniform circulation of air from the fireplace.


5. Reconsider Your Furniture Arrangement

Yes, just by moving your furniture, you can make your home a little bit warmer and a little bit cosier.

For example, moving your sofa sets to the fireplace and far from windows and doors. Another would be placing a rug since it’s very warm.

However, do avoid placing the sofa on areas near the heat systems like the radiator, as it will absorb all the heat.

Embrace the cold weather and enjoy a warm and cosy home now!


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