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Renting a House: Smart and Stylish Ideas


Renters are oftentimes hesitant to decorate their place the way they desire because they feel as though they do not have the luxury of personalising their own space. But, even with the strictest house rules, there are plenty of ways to make a rented space feel like home without breaking policy. Just ask your trusted residential property broker Victoria.

Here are a few ways to glam up your rental in time for 2016.

Change the lighting

Why settle for boring old lighting when you can easily transform fixtures into appealing, picture-worthy ones? First, ask your landlord whether changing existing light fixtures in the rental unit is allowed and inform them that you will change it back to the original once you leave. Once you get the go signal, you’re ready to shop for trendy lights to accentuate your space.

Use tension rods

Can’t drill holes in the walls? No problem! Use tension rods to hang drapes and curtains without causing any damage. Dress your windows the way you like them, hang fabrics on closets that do not have doors, hang stylish shower curtains in the bathroom, and so much more. Tension rods provide a myriad of uses and design possibilities.


It’s nice to come home to a nice, cosy home after a long day at work or in school. Give your rental unit some nice personal touches that would truly make it your own. Brighten your space and make it more stylish by adding eye-candy accessories like colourful throw pillows, warm blankets, area rugs, and even your favourite scented candles. The possibilities are endless.

Lean, don’t hang

Again, if you can’t touch the walls and put holes in them, don’t lose hope. That heavy mirror and beautiful piece of art still have a chance at being displayed properly in your rental. Simply lean those large-framed pieces against the wall and you’re done. Easy!

Dress up the walls

Temporary wallpaper is a good alternative to painting the walls. There are many peel and stick kinds of wallpaper you can easily install in minutes. They also come off just as easily, so you don’t need to worry about leaving a mess. The great thing about this is you will be able to dress up your walls the way you want to without affecting your security deposit.

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