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Power Up Tips for Your Online Store in 2017

Everything needs a boost. Take Mario for example, he needs power up mushrooms so that he can defeat certain enemies to rescue the princess. Same goes with online stores. It needs to find power-ups in order to have an advantage compared to their competitors.

Whether in need of a new marketing strategy or current sales are stable, having tips for guidance is a good way to be better in the game, so here are power-up tips for online stores this year.

Do not overcharge on surcharges

There are customers who pay on sold goods and services with different payment options, which can be cash or card. But in using cards, there will be additional fees that will reflect on each transaction. Yes, a majority of customers use credit cards to pay, but it should not serve as a purpose to overcharge. Now, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission have released a law that has a ban against excessive surcharges and it is worth it to check.

Choose the right order fulfillment company

As an online business, you will benefit greatly if you have found the order fulfillment company that suits your needs. There are great order fulfillment companies that have great deals on their inventory counts yet have a high value of sales. Shipping and delivery costs can be a burden; especially when passed on customers, but with the right order fulfillment company, the shipping costs can be lessened or merged to the product price to have a no shipping offer.

Start setting up a foreign currency account

If the online store also opened its doors to foreign countries, then it is a good time to have a foreign currency account. Money exchange rate changes almost every day, so it is always better to be prepared by having a foreign currency account to be protected from currency spikes.

Dedicate a return and restocking policy area

There are instances when items do not fit the customer since they bought it online. It would be best to have a specific area for return and restocking policy so that they can fully understand the conditions in order to have an exchange or return of an item. Make this space accurate and easy to understand to avoid arguments with customers.

Offering insurance and tracking is not a bad idea

This, however, depends on the value of items being ordered and shipped. There may be instances that the goods being shipped may become damaged because of the stormy seas, the ship may be hijacked by pirates, or even theft. There are customers who are willing to pay for insurance in tracking for them to have a peace of mind while waiting for their packages to arrive. Why not offer insurance and tracking for them. This will be an additional cost for them, but if the business is able to find a shipping provider who has insurance included, then it is worth the time to check the deal.

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