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2017 Technologies that Will Affect Small Businesses

Innovation never stops.

It is hard to determine what will happen to this New Year. But one thing is certain; the evolution of technology is quickly growing to become a tool to expand a business.

Small business is a type of business that should be wary of what can come since it is just starting up or lack employees to perform at its prime. Now that it is the New Year, it is good to know how technologies can affect small businesses this 2017.

Cyber attacks are on the rise

Last year, there were many reported cyber attacks that targeted large-scale businesses, such as Yahoo and Twitter. Even though hackers focused on the members of the big leagues, SMEs are still not safe. Take note, if they can hack into systems of the big leagues, what more of the starters?

“Smaller businesses can find it harder than large ones to repair the damage if their data is compromised, and financial repercussions will often hit them harder,” Joe Siegrist, vice president and general manager at LastPass, told The Telegraph UK. “We’re likely to see an increase in cyber attacks on SMEs before we see a decrease, because many businesses need to improve their cyber security.”

Now is the time to invest in cyber security before it is too late. Cyber security can be of staff training, strengthening data protection or adding authentication and identification systems. Remember, that the life of the business is on the line here.

Time to press the red button

Guessed it right! Since 2016 gave the opportunity to record and stream videos in whatever topic is available is under the sun, it is the perfect way to promote the business. Such programs that gave this opportunity are Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Twitch, and YouTube. Take advantage of this feature for this is on the rise to popularity among businesses. This is also a way on how small businesses can connect with its growing following in real-time.

“Using a live streaming platform allows for real-time customer interaction,” Dror Ginzberg, chief executive of the video creation platform, Wochit, told The Telegraph UK. “Social media video content builds awareness. People are 85pc more likely to buy a product after viewing a product video.”

Better and more realistic visuals

With the impressive implementation of augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality to devices has created a new level on how to promote services and products of businesses. In 2017, small businesses will start deciding on investing on these innovations to connect and cater to more customers at the same time.

“More powerful and cheaper mobile devices and headsets are hitting the market, and content creation tools are improving rapidly so that you can use them without deep coding expertise,” Caspar Thykier, chief executive of Zappar told The Telegraph UK.

As the years past, technology is being integrated with how people live. Now, technology has surpassed customer convenience and is now weaved with how businesses can attract customers and promote products and services.

With the technological advancement, these advancements will surely affect business brokers melbourne. So make sure to be prepared and embrace how technology can help small businesses, especially in cyber attacks and customer service.

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