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Make money out of decluttering your home


If you haven’t planned any activities for the weekend, why not sort the excess stuff you have at home and try to make money off of it? It is a great way to free up space, get rid of old things you no longer use, and make some extra cash all at the same time.
Follow these steps to clean up and make your way towards a garage sale:

1.Let it go.

Clean out the things you have not used in over a year. They may hold some value to you, but right now, they are only collecting dust in your home. Don’t forget, the space you will free up from letting go of things that do not have a working role in your house will be open for new (and possibly more useful) stuff you will acquire in the future.

2.Go through your pile.

Once you have a nice pile of items, sort them and label the ones you think are going to sell well. Separate these items from the rest then think about what you want to do with the stuff you are left with. Are they valuable enough to try to sell, or could you just give them away? People love freebies, so if you are willing to give some of your old things away for free, you will surely attract more people to your garage sale.

3.Distance yourself from the pile (at least until the day of the sale).

It’s like distancing yourself from temptation. The more you see the pile, the more likely you will be tempted to pick some things out and decide to keep them instead. What you can do to get ready in advance and not have to go through the items over and over is to organise, categorise, and label everything with prices before you put them away for storage in preparation for the big day.

Other additional facts to remember:

The people who will go to your garage sale will be looking for good deals and bargains. If you have expensive items you cannot let go of for a low price, you might want to sell them online instead. Also, do your research and check out the current selling value of old toys and gadgets you have lying around. They may have been phased out and have turned into collectors’ items and have a higher value as a result. The same concept holds true for toys that may have been recalled and declared unsafe. You wouldn’t want to sell those, so research is truly important.
Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the fruits of your labour. By the end of it all, you will have a cleaner, clutter-free home, and a few extra dollars to spend.

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