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How to Improve Your Property Virtual Portal

Business brokers in Victoria can sometimes have a hard time selling off a property.

Apart from houses or other properties being a bit expensive, it’s just sometimes a bother to the would-be buyer to go to that property and check out the property.

This is why many brokers are now using a virtual tour so buyers can see and feel the property, without leaving the comforts of their own home.

But the problem is, virtual tours have lost their novelty. Before, they were a cool feature for a real estate website, but now, it’s expected and actually required by buyers and companies alike.

So what do you do to stand out? Luckily, there are ways to still look ahead of the competition even if everybody is basically doing the same thing.


Be a Show Off….When it Comes to Floor Plans

Apart from giving the buyer the tour of the whole house room per room, show them the floor plan to let them feel how the house is laid out.

Floor plans also help give an idea how much space is available since it basically shows the whole area of the house. Better yet, an interactive floor plan that allows users to click on certain areas and either see a video clip or a picture of that place.

TourVista, Flyinside and VHT are just some of the websites that lets you create an Interactive floor plan.


What’s The Deal With Home Improvements?!

Let them see the value of the property by showing them the upgrades it went through. Don’t let them be content with just imagining it, SHOW IT.

Show them that the new roofs are reshingled, or how the countertops are now made from Granite instead of cheap ceramic tiles. Put “Before” and “After” images of the home improvements and the next thing you know, buyers are calling you non-stop.


Less Words, More Pictures

We know it’s just easier to just describe the property in words, but virtual tours are a visual thing.

Show the buyers what they’re buying by putting a lot of high-quality photos of the property. In fact, a survey done by Point2Technologies said that there’s a correlation between effective online tours by the number of quality photos.



Maps are good. It helps you locate places and also show the adjacent areas of the place you are looking for.

When providing a map for your buyers, accentuate that the property you’re selling is located in a prime area by highlighting essentials such as petrol stations, schools, hospitals, grocery stores and the likes.

This way, they’ll not only see in the tour that the house is good, its location is also top-notch.

Do your listings a favour and provide them the best virtual tour of their life. They’re already considering giving you their hard-earned money; the least you can do is show them that it’s all worth it.

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