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How to get media coverage for your small business


Promotions, offers, new products; these topics are everywhere. All the marketing noises on different platforms are making it hard for small businesses to stand out. Standing out is not an easy feat. With all the businesses marketing themselves, how will your business stand out? There’s still a way to do so — and that’s scoring press coverage.


Try to Catch the Attention of Local Newspapers

If you’re thinking that getting press coverage is to submit a promotion to our local journalist, then you should shake off that idea right now. Reporters are not marketers; they are not responsible for promoting your business. What they do is to get scoops that are worth reporting. In order to pique their interest, provide something that is unique about the business. These should be interesting topics, such as how you were able to overcome your struggles as a business owner or able to become a successful person at a certain age As a business owner, you have to tell a story.


Try Contacting Local Reporters

Remember, these people receive dozens of emails on a daily basis. So, on your part, you should be able to send emails to a reporter who covers your industry. After identifying on which media outlets and industries, it’s time to come up with personalised emails If you’re going to randomly send emails without thinking about which topics they covering, then you’re just wasting your time.


Be Newsworthy

Why personalised? Reporters usually give more focus to meaningful or emails full of depth than a generic press release. Aside from delivering a personalised email, flexibility is also essential. A single article won’t fit every media outlet you’re going to send to. You should be flexible enough to come up with different angles and flavours with your story.

Lastly, getting press coverage should not be an everyday thing; they will just get tired of you in the long run. However, if you are targeting of having press coverage for the sake of getting buyers, you can have the help of professionals who do this for a living. As a business owner in Melbourne, it’s best to get the services of business brokers victoria for your business listing, lead generation, and advice services.

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