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How to Create Repeated Customer Patronage


A majority of businesses, especially the new ones, tend to focus on the ‘new’ aspect. They tend to stick to the strategy of acquiring new customers. But, that’s just part of the picture. As a business owner, take a look back at the picture and see parts you thought you have not seen before. It’s a must for business owners to think outside the box and check every possible solution to earn more profit — and one of the best ways to get profit is to take care of your existing customers.

New customers are not the only type of customer you’ll need to place your focus on. Experts always remind businesses that it’s easier to sell your goods and services to existing customers than new ones. Why? They already know the experience, and it’s cheaper than marketing to a new customer base.

For new business owners, here are ways to create repeated customer patronage:


Keep in touch

Repeat business is when a customer comes back and buys again from you. And one way to remind them is to keep in touch with them. Connecting with customers can be done in many ways. You can send emails that reveal special offers or updates on new products. Customers love first dibs in terms of new products and offers, especially when they enjoyed their interaction and after-sales experience with you.


Have a Database

Remembering every customer you have encountered is a chore and will only give you a headache. That’s why experts recommend keeping a database that will allow you to record customers and easily locate them to know what they purchased before. Customers love a personalised experience, and you can make this possible by having a record of their previous behaviours and purchases.


Have a members’ exclusive

VIP or special customers feel special when you offer them members’ exclusives. Implementing memberships or groups for your loyal customers is a wonderful way to increase more loyal customers. Enticing newly-converted or prospect customers with perks, such as members-only exclusives, events, loyalty programs that are only available to members will implant of an idea that you know how to take care of your customers.


Deliver excellent customer service

As a business, nothing beats customer service. Having a responsible and high-quality customer service is already a big advantage among competitors. Customers want to feel that businesses know how to take care of their customers. So, having friendly, empathetic, and knowledgeable customer service representatives can help in relieving customers’ woes and problems with their purchased products and services or queries about it.


Be active on Social Media

Social media already houses billions of users, and among these users is your target audience. Being active in social media opens new opportunities for the business as it makes you visible to the public, making them aware that you exist. However, being active means posting content related to your business, not just random content. Branding should still exist for social media is still under marketing. As for the side of customers, having an active social media with reviews makes them think that your business is legitimate.

As a new business owner, you can see the tips as preparation before starting the business. The good news is that while you understand the mentioned tips, you can avail of the services of business brokers victoria to help you with the search for the perfect business with the best deals in their listings. Definitely, the tips above will help you continue a newly-bought business, especially with the ones with a stable customer base and branding.

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