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How to effectively brand your Small Business

Branding is everything, or so they say. It has been said a business’ brand is the sum total of the experience the client has.

With the advent of social media, branding has become more important than ever. A company with a strong brand often does well in business. In fact, even if the company offers a substandard product or service, but has a good branding otherwise, it still thrives very well.

Small business needs to establish a strong brand early on. Here’s how.


1. Be Unique, Be You

Look at Apple Inc. Although their products are hardly unique, their branding is. Every time they release a new product, they present it in a way that makes you feel that it’s like the first time you saw it.

And we buy it. Why? Because of Apple’s branding, that’s why.


2. But Produce Great Products or Offer Great Services

But you can’t always rely on your branding right? At the end, your company’s reputation will still rest on the quality of what you offer.

Again, as an example, Apple may be focusing a lot on presentation and their fanboys may be irritating, but you cannot deny that its device is one of the sleekest and most easy-to-use products ever. We love Apple not because its specs are groundbreaking, but because it’s easy to navigate with rich user-focused features.


3. Logo and Brand Name

Humans are a visual creature. They usually respond well to good aesthetics. Hire a good graphic designer to craft your logo, which will best represent what your small business is all about.

Moreover, your brand name should be unique and clever too. Some names even infuse a tongue-in-cheek reference. Get witty. Get Creative.


4. Consistency Is Key

What many small businesses fail to do is being consistent with their branding. Case in point, your website is built on a serious, no non-sense tone, but your social media page is painted like it was run by a hipster Millennial.

Know your audience and be consistent with your message. Don’t confuse them and your brand will thrive better.


5. Show Your Value (To The Customers)

 It doesn’t have to mean to offer your product/services on the cheap. It just means that you have to show your would-be customers the value of your company.

Ask this question: What will set you apart from the competition? Is it having the best product? Having the greatest customer service? Or both?

Value does not mean monetary value. Value is how your customers perceive your importance.





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