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How to Come Up with Your Startup Business Name and Logo

Have you ever stumbled across a business without a logo or even a name? That could be possible if the business is not yet open to the public, but impossible if it’s already open and operating. A logo and name are parts of a business’ branding or identity. Basically, the company logo and name will appear everywhere as long as it’s connected with your brand. It will be seen on your website, storefront, packaging and more.


Both have a huge impact on how customers see and identify your business. So, make sure to create one that’s in line with the business as well as impact. But, how?


  1. Start from the start — The start is from your business plan. By working on the business plan first, the vision and mission of the business will gradually become concrete. This will help you visualise the logo and branding of the business better.


  1. Add meaning to it — The logo and company name is part of the business identity. So, it’s better to incorporate meaning to it that relates to your purpose or even your business’ name. What matters is making sure the logo and name tell the business’ story.


  1. Look at your audience — Branding is all about your name, logo, colours and more, while the brand is what customers perceive and see. It’s important to understand your target market in order to come up with a story in line with your purpose. Creating an authentic brand is the goal; thus, looking at your audience is one way of doing it.


  1. Make it simple — As what Leonardo da Vinci said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” In relation to your name and logo creation, keeping it simple and straightforward will provide a lot of benefits for you in the future. It can make it easier to fit into marketing collaterals, help in your digital marketing plans, and even make it easier for customers to remember.


  1. Study other companies — Getting inspiration from your favourite brands is a great way of creating your own logo and name. Taking a look at how it was made — about the colour, the design, and even the combination of both — will help you discover more about what you want with your branding.


  1. Hire a professional — it’s often great to hire a professional to help you create something concrete out of the vision in your head. They can completely make a vision into a reality through design, which what you need with your logo. However, make sure to do research first in order to choose the best designer for you. After all, you’ll be working with them for a long time.


Whether starting a business or planning to rebrand an old business, incorporating an identity to it based on your vision and values is important. It helps showcase the identity of your business as well as its goals and purpose. If you’re planning on buying a business and rebranding it, National Brokers Network has a list of Business for Sale Australia that you can leaf through on the website. Every listing contains information about the business and contact details of the broker in charge of the property, making it convenient for our clients to find the business they want. Visit our website listings and get one step further towards your goal of opening your own business.

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