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Five ways to whiten whites


Whether it’s clothes or tiles, teeth or nails, there’s always a solution to restoring those whites to their former luster.

Here are our top insider tricks that go beyond the typical vinegar mix.

Charcoal for teeth

It may seem like the opposite way to go, but trust us when we say that sprinkling on a bit of activated charcoal onto your toothbrush will totes whiten your smile. Sounds gross? You might be surprised to know that the powder itself is odourless and tasteless, so no need to worry about it leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

Bluing for clothes

White articles of clothing tend to turn on the yellow side after some time. The best way to reverse this is to use a bluing detergent. Just be careful not to pour the liquid directly onto your clothes but to dilute it with water first. You’ll see a different right after the first wash.

Denture cleaner for nails

Think grandma’s denture cleaner only works on false teeth? Think again. You can use it to whiten your nails after they have turned slightly yellow due to your just-removed nail polish. Simply soak your nails in denture cleaner for five minutes or so and you’re good to go with your lovely, whiter tips.

Pumice stone for toilets

Those pumice stones used to smoothen out calluses can double as a toilet cleaner (though you might want to buy separate stones for the two jobs). Just soak it in some warm water and scrub away. It works effectively on hard-to-remove rust, but you have to make sure both your stone and the toilet surface you’re working on are both wet. This prevents scratches from forming. Once done, flush away and see the result.

Cotton coils for tiles

If you’ve ever had your hair dyed, then you are familiar with those white cotton strings they put on your skin to protect it against irritation. They are called cotton coil, and if you soak them in bleach, line your tile grout with them, and leave them there overnight, you should awaken to fresher-looking tiles that’s free from mold and mildew.

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