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10 Simple ways to make your office more sustainable today

sustainableSimple ways to a more sustainable office

More businesses are getting on the green bandwagon as part of their efforts to reduce their environmental footprint.

Sustainability has now become an issue that has gone beyond the home and into modern offices and establishments. Many business owners are asking about and taking steps to learn more about the little things they can do or adopt in order to help save the environment.

Here are three simple ways to adopt sustainability and make a difference one business at a time.

Go for green coffee pods

In Australia, more than three million coffee pods end up in landfill PER DAY. These plastic and aluminum pods are only expected to double in number in five years’ time. Companies want to provide their employees with good coffee, but that doesn’t mean they have to make the environment suffer for it. The good news is vegetable matter-based coffee pods are now available at It biodegrades in 180 days – a far cry from the 500 years aluminum and plastic pods can spend in landfill.

Switch off all devices at the end of the day

Apart from eating up energy, desktop and laptop computers left switched on and displaying screensavers at night have no real purpose to empty workstations. When left to display a screensaver, these devices use up as much power on idle as they do when they are actively working. The lesson: shut down before calling it a night.


The benefits of carpooling go beyond the pocket – car sharing has plenty of environmental benefits as well. With the rise of Uber, Go Get, and so on, people are becoming more welcoming and accepting of the idea of sharing a ride. In the office, this is even much easier to organise. An office carpool benefits all parties involved, and is also a great team-building strategy. Win-win!

Businesses looking to reduce their environmental footprint don’t have to look far to do the project. Thankfully, there are simple steps that may be taken to get started and begin setting a positive example to other organisations that have yet to make the change and go green in office operations. 


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