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Aquaponics and its potential to end world hunger

We recently came across an article feature on Upriser discussing advanced aquaponics techniques that have the potential to end world hunger. We thought it was too good not to be shared, so read on to find out how the system works and the sort of benefits there are to be had out of it.

Before anything else, what is aquaponics?

Combining aquaculture (raising fish and other aquatic animals in tanks) and hydroponics (growing plants in water), it is a food production system for farming fish and plants together – all while creating a mutually beneficial environment for both.

So, how does the system work?

With two primary components: the fish tank and the grow beds: a small water pump that moves   water between the two allows the water to pass through the roots of the plants (extracting nutrients from the fish waste in the process) and draining back clean water for the fish as a result.

Basically, the fish provide the necessary nutrients to help the plants grow, even healthier and faster than other farming methods.

While it is not an entirely new technique, aquaponics is being taken to greater heights and being made to open up new possibilities – one of which is to help with global food shortage. Check out this 25 sq. foot unit that can grow vegetables and fish enough to feed a person for an entire year.

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