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4 home emergency problems and how to fix them

There are a number of home emergencies every homeowner fears, and while most of them can be prevented with adequate maintenance and prompt repairs, there really is no way to tell when an emergency will strike. A great way to avoid such issues for new homeowners is to coordinate with their local broker and determine whether the property has any existing issues or problem areas which need to be addressed.

Today we have listed four common home emergencies and what homeowners can do when they happen. A universal tip for these sorts of emergencies is to stay calm and to enlist the help of an emergency tradie as soon as possible.

Here are four home emergencies and what to do about them while waiting for the tradie to arrive.

  1. Burst pipe


Homeowners who observe unexplained puddles of water or dripping sounds from within wall cavities or ceilings need to watch out, not for ghosts or poltergeists, but for a burst pipe. They also need to call a licensed plumber and explain the situation. But before that, here are tips to keep the damage and dangers of a burst pipe to a minimum: 

  • Get electrical items out of the way by moving them away.
  • Turn the tap off at the water metre to cut the water supply to the entire property.
  • Switch off the hot water system THEN switch on hot and cold water taps to drain completely.


  1. Broken hot water system

 water system

A broken hot water system results in the lack of hot water (obviously) from the tap, leaks, and even strange smells. Once again, call an emergency plumber and after that: 

  • Locate the hot water system and switch off the water at the tap.
  • Cut the electricity running to the hot water system by switching off the hot water switch in the fuse box.
  • Relieve water pressure in the system by switching a hot water tap open.

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  1. Clogged toilet


One of the most dreaded household emergencies has to be a clogged toilet. Toilet blockage can be caused by many different things, so all homeowners need to have good quality plungers stowed away in their bathroom/s for this sort of emergency. 

For blockages that will not budge, an old mop (or anything of a similar make or shape) may be used to reach the blockage and dislodge it. If all else fails, it’s time to call in the pros. A licensed plumber should be able to fix this problem immediately.  

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  1. Leaky roof

 leaky roof

In case of a leaking roof, the first thing a homeowner needs to do is to pinpoint the exact location of the leak. After that, a container which can collect the dripping water would be handy to prevent spills, trips, or falls caused by the wet floor. 

Next, power outlets need to be switched off and electrical appliances must be moved away from the leak. Furniture also needs to be moved out of the way to prevent damage. Or in case they are too heavy to lift, homeowners may opt to just cover them with plastic sheeting or towels instead. 

A professional roof repair service provider must be contacted for prompt repairs and to prevent future leaks.

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