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Window security tips for homes and businesses


Many business and homeowners consider their door locks and alarm systems as their properties’ first line of defense against intruders. The truth is many of us fail to include another entry point that may just as likely be used by intruders to gain access to our properties: the windows.

Increase your home or business’ security and protection by following these tips.

Invest in stronger glass

Windows need to be made into a top priority when it comes to increasing security on a property. They are usually targeted for entry as they can easily be smashed in order to reach locks or to create an entry point. Reinforced glass or the shatter-proof variety can be found in newer realty constructions. It is tougher, making it more difficult to break.

If the glass on your windows are old and outdated, consider investing in higher quality ones that are more difficult to break.

Identify weak points on your property

Reinforcing the glass on your windows is not the end of the story. Other weak points also need to be identified and improved to deter thieves and ward off intruders. Keep in mind that each weak point you fail to address opens an opportunity for intruders to test your property’s security and possibly gain entry to it.

  • If you have sliding glass doors, you need to integrate additional locking mechanisms onto it. A track-locking mechanism is excellent for preventing sliding doors from being forced open.
  • For single- or double-hung sash windows, limit stops (a locking solution that limits sash travel) may be installed.
  • Traditional turn-latch windows may be fitted with keyed locks that will help prevent intrusion and childproof window locks.

Finally, the addition of grilles can help both commercial and residential properties increase window security. These are installed on the outside and will prevent entry even if the windows are pried open or the glass is broken. For property owners concerned about aesthetics, professional window fitters have various decorative and stylish options to choose from.

When it comes to homes and businesses, there is no reason why security and style cannot both be prioritised.

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