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Warning Signs Your Small Business is Stagnating

Any business can experience a slow season. What is alarming is when it drags longer than average. When that happens, your business may run the risk of stagnation.

Before you panic, know that there are warning signs that you can spot. These signs would tell you that you might be experiencing a prolonged period of low growth. We will be sharing some of them below for your guidance. If your business is showing any of these signs, reevaluate your actions and do things differently.


  1. Delayed Deliverables

This may even include important decisions. Failing to deliver what is expected on time may be caused by the lack of competent leadership, demotivated employees, or lack of resources.


  1. Doing More for Less

Exhausting more resources than ever, but generating insignificant returns is bad for any business. You and your employees may reach the point of burnout before you know it.


  1. Disengaged Workforce

Resist the temptation of looking everywhere to pass the blame. Try to find out first if you are the cause of your people’s lack of enthusiasm at work.


  1. Stuck in Old Ways

Old habits die hard, but change is necessary for growth. Remember that you need to change your ways to achieve different results. Most importantly, everyone must know why things are done in a certain way.


  1. Plans are Stalled

You may find that none of your plans ever materialised. The reason why you may not be able to attend to other items in the pipeline is that your time and resources have already been used up. The worst part is that you achieve nothing despite exhausting your resources.

Please do not ignore these signs to save your company before it is too late. But if it is, consider putting your business for sale Australia. Our experienced team of licensed brokers can help you find an investor who can save your small business and set it up for huge success. Feel free to consult us regarding this matter. These are our contact details: phone: 03 9226 9222, fax: 03 9078 6315, and email:

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