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Top Tips in Decluttering Your Home Space for the Upcoming Spring 2016

Start some chatter and cut the clutter…IN YOUR HOME.

It’s time for you to clean up and open up some space because let’s face it. A decluttered home is a home worth living, plus, it just looks neat and organized that it makes you want to buy more items to stuff it with.

But kidding aside, decluttering your home may look and sound hard, but it can be done and here’s how YOU can do it.

1. Plan It

As much as we want you to do it as soon as possible, it’s highly advisable to plan it first.

You don’t have to have some grand master plan before you proceed, you just need to know the location where you’ll move certain objects before you even begin to process your decluttering.

2. Prioritise

Now we’re getting somewhere. As you begin your decluttering, know where will you start first or what items you should move first.

Will you start in the living room? Will you move the couch? Will you put the coffee table over the couch? It’s really important that even before you begin, you have an answer to these sample questions.

3. Need Help?

Some home items like furniture can be quite heavy. So when you’re decluttering your home, get help if you need help.

Do you have someone to hold you tight? Do you have someone to hug and kiss you? No? The least you can have is someone that can help you carry heavy things.

4. A Room for Storage

The process of decluttering will definitely have some casualties such as items or furniture that you don’t want to use anymore or are just too bulky. However, you may need sometime in the future, so giving it away is not an option.

The solution? Know if you have an extra space in your house like a basement or an attic or even an extra room where you could put these items.

Planning to declutter your home? Ask if your trusted Victoria property broker can help you locate a storage service provider.

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