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The Rise of Prefabs in Australia and Beyond

Prefabricated housing, AKA prefab homes or prefabs, are specially-designed structures which are manufactured and fabricated off-site, someplace other than its intended final location. Its pre-set standard sections make for easy shipping and assembly.

Prefabs are steadily growing in popularity as they provide a low-cost, high-quality, and fast solution to sustainable and personalised dwellings. The many benefits prefab investors stand to gain include reduced carbon footprints, lower construction costs, waste, and risk, to name a few.

Want to learn more? Here are other qualities that make prefabs popular in the Australian market and the rest of the world.


Prefab developments are generally more affordable since turnover time is faster and site overhead is lower.


The off-site fabrication process and the building site preparation can take place simultaneously, thus reducing waiting time. Prefabs are also quick and easy to install, cutting back construction hours of projects.


The environmental impact of prefab construction is significantly lower because there is minimal building site disturbance and construction waste. The tightly managed material flow, and its pre-planned assembly and disassembly also lower disruption to neighbours. 


All elements of prefabs are factory-manufactured and they come in sections or components that are easily transported and assembled on the building site. This makes them quite versatile since each component may be incorporated into different types of structures including apartment buildings, single-dwelling homes, schools, offices, and hotels. 


Not only are building sites cleaner thanks to the prefabricated elements, they are also more secure in terms of health and safety.  Controlled processes are held in factories, where workers are already adept at using the machinery and systems. Onsite installation is likewise more organised, cleaner, and safer compared with standard construction.

Prefabs are economical, environmentally-friendly, and beautifully-built. It is no wonder why they are growing at an impressive rate across Australia and the rest of the world. Seek the assistance of a residential real estate broker if you are interested and would like to know more.

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