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Tips on Managing the Modern Workforce in Warehouses

There’s no denying it, Millennials are taking over the workforce. In spite of the presence of the Baby Boomer population still going in and out of their jobs every day, Millennials are actually replacing them one by one in every work area possible, and that means your warehouse is also included.

One of the best traits of this generation is that they’re tech-savvy; they’re known to be digital natives who are their ways around the latest tech. In relation to your warehouse, they’re able to offer valuable skills and insights.

Their experience of using different kinds of technology in their everyday lives moulded them to adapt to uncommon technologies that are used in the workplace. On the other hand, the Millennial workforce is shrouded with negativity. Aside from their love for flexibility, they are shrouded with stereotypes that should be removed. Welcoming the next generation into your employee list needs work and here are tips on how to manage them in warehouses.



Welcome them with open arms

To start things off, it should start with the work environment.

A positive environment goes a long way. If you want to recruit and retain a modern workforce, welcoming them with open arms is that first step. As a business, dispelling the stereotype is a great way to see what they can really offer to your warehouse operations. Once this is achieved, the next step is forging a positive relationship with them. This will help Millennials feel that they’re welcome and being depended on, making them feel motivated.


Leverage their skills and passion

The Millennial generation is known to use their skills to find faster ways in accomplishing a goal with high-quality results. This trait is perfect for businesses that require efficiency and productivity, and the warehouse is a perfect fit.

Going back to Millennials skill in using technology, getting their feedback or taking into consideration their impact and role in the implementation and usage can help other employees adapt to it. This skill makes them indispensable, especially when received the proper training.

All it takes is attention, patience, and trust to push employees to give it their all at work. Whether a Baby Boomer or Millennial, they’re an investment and it’s important for the warehouse team to leverage their skills and passions.



Provide feedback and opportunities

Millennials are workers who wanted to be guided. This generation is looking for people they look up to help them traverse in the world of adulting. That’s why as a warehouse boss, providing them with feedback and opportunities make them feel valued and motivated to bring out the best in them.

It’s really important to treat every person part of your team — even the youngest — as people who are able to contribute. Serve as an example and guide to help foster skills that these Millennials can learn.

As the business grows, it’s necessary for the team to maximise more their warehouse or even look for a bigger one to accommodate more employees and supplies through listing posted by real estate websites, such as National Brokers Network. Millennials are growing and now entering the workforce. Despite the exit of Baby Boomers, there are more Millennials ready to take on the jobs, pushing businesses to understand their mindset and dispel stereotypes that only do harm to their future.

It’s important for the warehouse team to provide them with opportunities to participate, then provide feedback on how they did their jobs. Allowing them to leverage their skills and passion while providing feedback guides and motivates them to improve. Moreover, this approach makes them feel that you welcome them with open arms despite being new to the workforce.

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