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Tips on how households in Victoria can save gas


With a looming gas price spike due to demand of usage amidst forecasts that wholesale natural gas priced at $9 a gigajoule maximum, households in Victoria could be paying an additional $275 annually on average.

Victoria is leading Australia when it comes to household and commercial natural gas usage. The gas boom occurred when natural gas was a cheap commodity for energy compared to electricity. As the demand for natural gas expanded beyond Victoria, and the state expanded its linked pipelines to supply natural gas all over Australia, the global carbon tax is threatening to push up gas prices by 100% as it will spike up the eastern states wholesale price from around $4 a gigajoule to $9.

An inconvenient fact is that Victoria accounts for 75% of Australia’s household gas usage. For the homemaker, there are still ways to cope against an impending crisis. Here are tips to help save gas for the household.


  • Consider Energy Efficient Home Appliances – Modern appliances are marked with an energy star marker. Make sure to buy appliances with a high rating. This includes water heaters, room heating and cooking appliances.


  • Turn off gas heaters – When you are about to leave the house or the room is not being used, make sure to turn off the heater. You would be surprised to know that gas heating is often the most wasted resource among majority of homes.


  • Ideal Ducted Heating Systems – Make sure that your ducted heating shelves are proportionally designed and outfitted for the size and scale of the area application. Excess or inefficient duct shelves can cost your household extra.


  • Proper Insulation – A well insulated home will need less time to turn on the usage of the gas heating system. A well insulated home cuts down gas heating use by 50% and helps keep the home well heated for comfort over a longer period.



  • Efficient lighting – Pilot lights cost an extra $25 per year on usage. One smart way to cut down on such cost is using a modern system utilizing electronic ignition that does not need a constant flame to run and only ignites when required.


National Brokers Network advocates efficient use of gas energy for the residential properties of Victoria and we encourage home owners and business owners to be smart and also be open to the idea of alternative energy use like solar heating and other green alternatives to help the state to transition from gas dependence to a sustainable hub for energy efficient homes.

image source: Eco friendly houses 

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