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Tips in Scrubbing Clean Your Financial Books this Spring 2016

Your books sometimes need some well-needed cleaning and we don’t mean literal books like the “Harry Potter.”

Maintaining financial books is an essential component of every business therefore doing it must be done regularly. Sure it can be a bit tedious and complicated, but in general, it’s a manageable affair and with the right advice (like what we’ll give you) it can be done.


Maintain a Healthy Cash Flow – As much as possible, make your business stay in the green by maintaining a healthy cash flow – especially if you’re a small business.

Maintaining a healthy cash flow is so important that we can’t stress it enough. To know whether you’re staying in the green, check the business flow every week because you may never know. You may be making profits, but the accounts receivable may be stuck in stasis.

In addition, checking in with your banker every now and then for some financial review can help.


Check Your Business Expenses – Checking your expenses can also help you clean your financial books as there may be expenses that you forgot to take into account.

To avoid this problem, consider making a separate bank account dedicated to certain business expenses so you’ll have a steady record every time a transaction happens.


Plan – One word, but it means the world when it comes to cleaning your books – properly.

Planning may be so broad that it’s almost obscure, but to be specific, having a steady financial plan can help you in the long run including having a clean financial book, just like your trusted Victroia commercial broker!

Plan things like what to spend money on or what employee should have an adjusted work load. Variables like these can be planned that may contribute to a cleaner financial book.

Giving your business some well-needed financial scrubbing not only makes it organized, it also makes managing it easier. By having a steady plan, maintaining a good cash flow and checking all your business expenses, your books will be so clean that your accountant may not even have a job anymore.

To reiterate, it’s a tedious affair, but its importance can’t be stressed enough. 

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