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Tips for Starting a Home Based Business in 2016


Seasoned entrepreneurs are the envy of novice business owner wannabes because they often already have a handful of businesses under their belts and can operate them all at once.

In reality, the reason why seasoned entrepreneurs can do this is because they’ve already had their fair share of failures and successes and have mastered the process of setting up and establishing a business. These people know how to keep themselves on track and how to maximise their time for better efficiency.

For those of you who are just starting to fulfill your dream of building a business from the ground up, we have tips to help get you moving faster and towards the right direction.

Here are four ways to start your first home-based business for 2016.


Do your research

Not all areas permit home businesses. Make sure to check zoning laws in your area before anything else. Then, read about home-based business insurance and what’s available for the type of venture you would like to start. Get coverage and protect your assets from the very beginning to ensure long-term success. Finally, do your research into all aspects of the business you wish to put up (including the local market) and become an expert in it.

Doing all this will help you identify possible problems you might face in the future before making an initial investment and putting money into the business.


Hire help

An accountant is an important person to have in your team, even if it’s just you two. That way, you will not be alone in handling the financial aspect of your business. An accountant will help you save money and get your taxes in order. If you have the budget for it, consider hiring a bookkeeper as well so you have an organised record of your finances.

Hiring help will make it possible for you to focus on the business itself.


Write a business plan

A business plan helps you determine the performance of your business and whether you’re budgeting things correctly. Create one before anything else so you have a basis for your business model that will not end up with you making a wasted investment.


Stay on top of your game

Once you decide to start your own business, you are making a conscious decision to be self-motivated and self-directed. This is particularly important if you will be working from home; otherwise, you will not get things done in the timeline you have set to do them. You’ll need to follow a strict schedule if you want a structured work day at home.

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