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Tips for Commercial Property Photography with Drones

First-time commercial property sellers may not know it, but real estate pictures boost your listing; it can even make or break your sale. In fact, buyers more time in looking at listing photos than the listing and agent description. Not only that, 83 per cent of buyers said pictures are important in the listings. The bottom line is that if you want your property to be noticed like a celebrity, make sure to present images that have a wow factor.

As a property seller, taking high-resolution photos is a great way to engage viewers on your property listing. Drones are a great way to showcase the property on an aerial view. It’s also a powerful tool to take incredible pictures and even videos.

If you’re planning on selling a commercial property, drone shots can help, and here are tips how.


Prepare your commercial property landscape

The unnecessary objects caught on camera will only cause distraction in your soon-to-be-published real estate picture. So, if your commercial property has a lot of clutter that doesn’t belong to the picture, buyers may feel a different video from the area.

Before taking pictures, make sure to prepare your lawn or the whole landscape of the property to avoid taking the main focus away from the subject, which is the property itself.


Tweak your camera settings

There are drones that composed of settings that could drastically change how an image will look after pressing the shutter button. It’s necessary to tweak the settings even before going to any shoot and even flying your drone.

It would also be best if you shoot your property in RAW format to make it easier to edit on a photo editing program. RAW images are bigger in file size compared to other file types, but it’s easier to manipulate in case you need changes, providing you flexibility in editing images.


Use intelligent flight modes

Double check your drone if it has intelligent flight modes, and utilise it if there is. One example of an intelligent flight mode function of a number of drones is flying at a slow speed, which makes it easier to take lined shots or burst shots. use your creativity and make use of these functions to take shots with a fresh take on your property.

Photos speak more than a thousand words. And through photography, a property seller can clearly showcase what they’re selling. That’s why property sellers should follow these simple tips in order to understand deeper how powerful images are in listings. But, if you’re having trouble getting wonderful photos for your listings, National Brokers Network can help in providing insights on which angles are best and how to make your property enticing on a property listing.

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