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The Rising Trend of Cubbies for Grown Ups

More popularly known as “shedquarters,” these cosy and stylish work spaces are space-savers many home-based business owners can’t wait to get their hands on.

These multi-purpose miniature studios can be used as an office, living quarters, or even an extension of the home itself as it fits perfectly in the backyard.

Prefab structures have become widely available across the country. Buyers may either opt to buy DIY kits or obtain full installation services from their preferred manufacturer.


These backyard studios are great for home-based work because they provide privacy and the space needed for uninterrupted workflow. With these space-efficient structures, there is no need to make room inside the house for a home office.

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Construction is often done at the factory and the structures are oftentimes almost 100% complete by the time they are shipped. And since there are plenty of designs to choose from, there is a lot of room left for customisation.

Now, doesn’t this want to make you have your own home office?

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