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Summer 2017: How to Keep Cool and Lower Power Consumption

Weather affects us all no matter where we are. Every change of the season has an impact to the daily lives of people. If it is cold, they wear more clothes and eat warm food. If it is warm, they wear lesser clothes and eat cold food.


The current season in the country is summer and battling the heat can be really expensive. Residents have to come up with ways on how to deal with the heat in ways they can save money. To beat the summer heat, here are ways on how to keep cool and lower power consumption this summer 2017.


Cool misting products are a sure lifesaver during the summer season. Not only this marvel lowers the air temperature, known as “adiabatic saturation,” but it also lowers electricity costs. Cool misting products release ultra-fine mists that absorb heat in the air, and then evaporate as the water absorbs the energy.


This is always a golden rule in the household that is not always followed. Leaving the lights on for a long time can produce heat in the room and skyrocket the electricity bill. If lights are needed to be on all the time, another solution is switching to LED lights. Incandescent type of light bulbs produces more heat than fluorescent or LED light bulbs. Switching to either fluorescent or LED can be costly but this is an investment for the long-run since it cuts electricity costs. LED to be particular can cut off costing since it uses lesser energy than the others, but the most expensive.


They also deserve credit! They do not look like it, but ceilings can actually do the job of keeping the room cool. As often as possible, use ceiling fans than air conditioners since it uses less electricity than the latter. To maintain the cool breeze, close doors and windows to keep the coolness inside.


Using the oven on a daily basis, especially during hot days, can produce more heat in the kitchen and increase gas or electricity costs. To avoid these problems, plan meals ahead and cook together in the oven to save time and the increase of heat and bill payments.  Another way is to use the oven during the night when the temperature is cold or to use the grill outside to enjoy the summer more.


There are many places the summer heat can enter the house, and one of them is through the windows. Pay attention to windows and seal it as much as possible to block the heat from entering. Some solutions are additional caulk, sealant, or weatherstripping on the windows or just replacing the common vinyl blinds with something stronger like medium-colored draperies with white-plastic backings.


The summer heat is surely hard to defeat but there are many ways to avoid it. Potential home buyers looking for a summer home or planning to move into a new home for the New Year will definitely find a cool place to stay by considering the tips above. Residential brokers victoria can incorporate these tips to the homes that are not yet bought to attract more home hunters.

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