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Spring Cleaning Tips for Home Sellers this Spring


As the spring bloom is starting and the New Year is fast approaching, the closing of the market for the year is slowly closing its door. As a home owner, it is time to figure out ways on how to prepare or finally sell that property on the market before moving on to your next chapter in life. There are many people who want to get settled before the year ends so to sell that property, here are spring cleaning tips to help you get the buyers’ attention.


 1. Maintain the yard

The first thing an interested home buyer will obviously see before entering the house is the yard. An unmaintained yard can create an impression that you do not clean and take care of your area. In order to make a good impression, make sure to start mowing the lawn, weed the flowerbeds and prune the bushes to make the gardem livelier than before. You can also add small flowers in the yard to add that pop of colour.


2. Replace or repair the mailbox

A damaged or old mailbox can also give a negative impression of how you take care of your home. You can buy a new mailbox at hardware stores or major retailers to complement with your newly maintained garden. In case you replace the mailbox, contact your local postmaster for the federal regulations of the mailbox’s supposed height and distance to the curb.


3. Beautify the entrance

Check the doors and windows if need replacing or cleaning and if you have shutters, paint them a matching colour to your house. Clean and polish fixtures and door knobs, and place accents that match the season. When placing newly bought or crafted accents, place them on both sides of the door since people are naturally attracted to symmetry.


4. Apply fresh paint for a fresh start

Adding a new coat of interior or exterior paint can make the home look fresh and clean. To attract a larger crowd, choose neutral colours that will still match any furniture for the interiors and choose colours that match neighbouring homes for the exterior.


5. Replace popcorn ceilings

Also known as cottage cheese ceiling, stucco ceiling, and acoustic ceiling, this spray-on or paint-on treatment was popular in American residential construction in the late 1950s up to the 1980s. Replace this type of ceiling since home buyers of today do not like it. Removing and replacing this can take a lot of time and is a meticulous process, but can reward you with an increase of value for the home you are selling.


6. Pay attention to walls and floors

Take note, potential home buyers pay close attention at the ceilings, walls, and floors of the home you are selling so make sure they are all squeaky clean as possible. Make sure that you steam clean all carpets, use wood-cleaning products on hardwood floors or hire a professional cleaner to do the job.


7. Let there be light!

Aside from cleaning the walls, ceilings and floors, you should also clean the windows, blinds, and lighting. Wash them inside and out and replace burnt-out bulbs to have more light because a room filled with light will feel more like home – relaxing and warm.


8. Deep clean the kitchen and bath

Clean every inch of the tiles, especially in between, clear the counters, check the cupboards and re-paint if necessary. Also, re-caulk tubs, showers, and sinks and polish all fixtures. Make sure that the kitchen and bath are squeaky clean and molds cannot be seen.


9. De-clutter and organize

Create a list of things you own then separate the essentials to the ones that can be kept in the storage and can be thrown and donated. This will make your home cleaner and bigger and will save you time when moving out.


10. Add a surprise in the backyard

The backyard is often the last place home buyers look at during a tour, so this area should look nice and enchanting. Remove decorations and clutter, replace dying plants, and meticulously clean fences, deck, pool, and spa in the area. You can also add table and chair sets and a barbecue grill to make your backyard nicer. Remember to watch your budget to know other things you can add like more outdoor lighting or a fire pit.


The tips mentioned above can help home sellers and residential property brokers to sell their properties on hand before the market closes by the end of the year. Also, the mentioned tips can increase the value of any home while still on budget; potential buyers can get the bargain of their lives by using this set of tips as a checklist and a reminder of a clean and presentable home.




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