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Selling Properties to Reluctant Millennial Buyers


Millennial is the perfect generation to focus on in regards to selling properties. This generation is increasing in population and is overcoming the baby boomers and they are growing to the age of adulting wherein they are working, then will eventually move out of their parent’s house and buy their own.


Millennials are sometimes hard to understand and are tech-savvy, understanding them can give you the opportunity to have more of these types of customers. There are properties that they won’t look at, especially if the property is higher than what they can afford, so as a real estate broker, you should know how to sell properties to these reluctant millennial buyers and here’s how.


Student loan problems

Millennials have a tendency to take a step back from saying yes in buying a house once they remember one of their priorities, finishing their student loan debts. Since the prices of properties are rising due to demand and the income of some millennials are in the median income bracket, they find it hard to afford and save money. As a real estate broker, you should know the salary bracket and provide a selection of properties that are perfect for their budget, personality and what they do for a living.


Real Estate Knowledge

Buying a house is a challenge, especially for first timers. Millennials are first time home buyers so real estate brokers should know how to be patient with them and answer all their questions clearly. This question and answer can be a good opportunity to develop a strong and trusted relationship with your buyer. Remember, become a resource first before a seller to gain their trust.


Choice of neighbourhood

Millennials have a certain choice of neighbourhood and it is aligned with their interests and passions. To get their attention to your neighbourhood, research hidden gems, local restaurants, events and activities that they can do within your neighbourhood. This can also attract not only millennials, but also other generations as well.


Millennials are struggling to overcome their student debts, to find the time to know more about real estate and their choice of neighbourhood is above their budget. Real estate broker victoria should know ways on how to convince these millennials to buy homes by providing clear and transparent information, giving them what the neighbourhood has to offer, and meeting them halfway to get the perfect home that are inside their budget.

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