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Selling a Property 101: What Should Your Pre Selling Preparations Be?

Selling a property is probably one of the many significant events a person can experience in a lifetime. After all, it is not as if you woke up one day and thought of selling your home to the first person who wants to buy it from you. Selling a property is a highly calculated process and you need to prepare for a lot of things before doing so. 

Prior to selling your property, know your motivation for selling as you do not want to regret pushing for its sale and be disappointed in the end. Sometimes, the decision to sell a property is based on factors that can be easily augmented wherein selling it is not the immediate solution to the present predicament. Maybe your house is too small, you now feel the need to have a backyard, it is too far from your office, you want to sever some personal relationships or the neighbourhood has gone from bearable to worse in terms of safety. All these are some of many valid reasons why you push for a home sale. If selling is the only recourse, then selling your property should be a sound idea.

 Ultimately, before putting your property up in the market, know where you will be relocating. People who are selling their property are the same people who plan on buying a new home. Even before thinking about your current home’s sale value so you know what price range of houses you can look at, try putting a list of prospective neighbourhoods you want to transfer in. Visit as many open houses as you can. You might also want to weigh your options between a new home or an old one. An old home would cost a lot cheaper than buying a new one. If it seems like selling your property and buying a new one is not as cost-efficient as you thought it will be, then you might find it better to stay at your current house and delay selling and buying a property at a better time.

Once you are decided to sell your property, look for an estate agent who can market your home the best way possible on your behalf. Look for an agent with the most experience and has the best recommendations for you in terms of preparing your home for the sale. For instance, doing some repairs, renovating or home staging before selling your property. Request for a CMA or a comparative market analysis too so you know you are getting the best value for your money.

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