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Secret rooms are making a fantastic comeback


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Secret rooms and passageways have a long history behind them. In ancient times, they were used for escaping, hiding, smuggling, and also for living purposes during wartime and revolutions. Notable moments in history when secret passageways and rooms were used include:

  1. The Egyptian pyramids in a quest to deter thieves.
  2. The Passetto di Borgo which was used by Pope Clement VII in 1527 to escape the Vatican during the Sack of Rome.
  3.  World War II, where Anne Frank and her family stayed in a hidden room in her father’s office building and successfully evaded capture for two years.

These days, secret rooms are making a comeback in the industry, with some companies offering the option for homeowners to install and customise their own hidden rooms at home. While present day homeowners don’t share the same dire reasons as those who had a need for these secret rooms and passageways in the past, there are other new motivating factors that lead many individuals to have these rooms built at home.

  • Entertainment – secret rooms can easily be converted into play rooms, video rooms, and game rooms.
  • Privacy –  this is the perfect solution for men who like to have their own literal man caves. Anyone who likes to have some extra privacy at home will benefit from a secret room.
  • Panic rooms – yes, even today, secret rooms may come in handy when the situation calls for a hiding place or a safe shelter.

These rooms may be built in any part of the house. They can be behind moving or rotating bookcases, inside secret doors beneath the stairs, or may be hidden behind private passageways in your closet. With enough time, money, and imagination, you too can have your own secret room built at home. It is a great addition that brings something new and remarkable to any property. To know more about properties that have secret rooms, or to find out how to increase your home’s value through the addition of one, get in touch with a us today.

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