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Preparing your home for a pet

Thinking about getting a pet? Before you do, make sure your home is ready to accommodate it. You need to pet-proof your entire house so that you will not encounter problems (and have regrets) in the future. Keep in mind that pets don’t just take care of themselves – they need your help in avoiding getting into accidents and mischief. Here are a few things you could do to prepare for the arrival of your new pet.

Assume an eye-level position. When you start to identify which areas in your home are the most vulnerable to damage, you need to get down to your pet’s eye-level so you can see which tight spaces, loose cords, small pieces of trash, and other things lying around the floors could cause trouble and need to be moved or removed completely.

Pet-proofing is like childproofing. Consider getting child locks installed on your cabinets and drawers. This would prevent your pet from entering and possibly getting stuck there in the process. Think about installing safety gates if necessary too.

Invest in pet-friendly cleaning products. You’re likely to get more bacteria build-up around your house with a pet around. Dirt can easily cling on to its paws, so before you even welcome your new pet into your home, be ready with the cleaning products you could use to sanitize all surfaces.

Buy your pet some toys to chew on or to scratch. Dogs like to chew on stuff, cats like to scratch stuff. No matter which of the two you’re getting (if not both), you need to start buying toys (and scratch posts) they can play with. This would keep them away from your shoes, your dining table, sofa, and everywhere else. While it is not a guarantee they won’t work their way up to your furniture, it would give them something else to play with. Another thing you can do is to get your cat used to getting its nails clipped while it’s still young.

Practice keeping the toilet lid down. The chemicals that we use to clean our toilets can harm our pets. Most pets like drinking water from the toilet, so before your furry friend arrives, make sure you are already in the habit of keeping the lid down. Keep the bathroom door closed for added safety as well.

Preparing your home for the arrival of your pet will make the transition easier for everyone concerned. You will be able to comfortably share your space with your new pet once you have everything ready for it. The more welcoming and loving you are towards your pet in the first days of its arrival, the better behaviour you will see out of it and the more harmonious your relationship will be.

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