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Owning a Business: Tips on Employing Yourself

It’s a common occurrence for a majority of employees to think twice of their nine-to-five jobs. Members of the workforce often think about possible business ventures that will help them leave their jobs and become the bosses of their own company.

Aside from this, other factors urging people to take a leap of faith and start a business are the flexibility of travel and craving for artistic freedom to name a few. Although owning a business can become rewarding, it’s still the effort of the business owner to lead the company ahead of the competition, especially if situated in a business hub, such as Melbourne.

To get things moving, here are tips on employing yourself in the business:

Starting a business and immediately leaving your day job is a drastic measure. Experts recommend, if possible, starting the business on the side for you to determine whether or not it’s a business or a hobby. We are talking about the future after all.

As a future business owner, money is vital for making the business survive. You will also need to determine if you can earn the money to support the business. And in this case, your day job, along with your savings allocated for business, is your saving grace while establishing yourself in the market.

Learning to handle and budget money vital in managing the business. In terms of payments, businesses have a lot of bills to take care of. As a business owner, you get to handle utilities, rent or lease if applicable, benefits and salary of employees, and other expenses.

A huge advantage of this is to know how to divide the expenses into percentages. This can help business owners to keep track of taxes, expenses, and income on a monthly basis. However, do take note that percentages may vary depending on the size of the business.

Here’s what experts recommend for small businesses when setting aside money:

  • 20% for Taxes
  • 20% for Business Expenses
  • 60% for Income


Tax is already mentioned in the monthly breakdown in order to help business owners handle taxes properly and helping them stay out of trouble from the Australian Taxation Office. Experts recommend business owners to pay their taxes quarterly to avoid facing a huge bill during tax time and spending money.

It is important to have a footing in growing the business. One of the best advices to give is to grow the business slowly. By taking the slow and steady route, business owners get a bigger rate of success.

Don’t be in a hurry in making the business grow. Growth doesn’t happen overnight — unless you become a sensation that went viral. In any case, experts don’t recommend you to do in debt. What’s important to pay your taxes and take your time in earning what’s needed to have funds allocated for improvement and growth.

There are usually two ways of starting a business: it’s either from scratch or to buy a business for sale melbourne through National Brokers Network Business Brokers Victoria. After buying a business, it’s essential to apply the tips above because a business takes time to grow and money is essential in helping the business continue operating and growing.

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