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Opening a Japanese Restaurant 101

Are you looking for a Japanese Restaurant business for sale? This post is for you.

There’s a reason why many Aussies enjoy Japanese cuisines—that freshness and unique taste of sushis and every seafood served with oozing marinated chilly sauce keeps them coming back for more. Today, even young children prefer Japanese recipes than going to a typical fast-food chain. In this post, we hope to shed light towards aspiring entrepreneurs who want to try something different like opening a Japanese restaurant. So if you’re serious about this venture, here are some tips you may follow.

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Fresh ingredients

It’s always about the freshness of your ingredients. In fact, this is the backbone of every Japanese restaurant.  So, the first thing you need to do is find a good supplier. Establish a strong supplier relationship for every ingredient you need, including fish, eggs, and vegetables. It is also advisable to look for back up suppliers to avoid unexpected shortages.

Keep in mind that most meals included in your menu are served raw, so everything would rely on how fresh your ingredients are. It is also important to have a proper storage for your supply. A single instance of spoiled sushi or meat can ruin everything.

Hiring the right people

Other than business licenses and health certifications, hiring the right individual is one of the crucial decisions. Given the unique nature of Japanese delicacies, you need to find someone who is an expert in this field.  You cannot just hire any chef. You need a qualified chef with experience in Japanese cuisine.

When looking for candidates, check their credentials carefully. Know more about their experience. You may also run a few skill tests. This will help you find the best candidate for your restaurant.

Analyse your competition

You might want to check some of your competitors around the area. Find out how many Japanese restaurants nearby. Try to discover their strengths and weaknesses. 

Find the perfect location

Just like any other business, location is an important factor. Make sure there’s enough parking space and the site you choose is accessible.

Redesign and renovate

Choosing the right theme and adding more decorations can attract more customers. One thing great about Japanese restaurants is the interior design—from the furniture and utensils they use, there is something that gives people that perfect vibe.

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