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Maximising your small bathroom to its full potential

Unfortunately for most of us, the bathroom space at home can be pretty cramped and limited. This leaves our piles of towels and toiletries (not to mention those little hotel amenity samples) spilling out of shelves and drawers.

You’ve read about storage solutions and where else in your bathroom you can store the rest of your stuff, but what about the bathroom itself? When was the last time you paused and paid attention to its size and how you can make good use of it all?

Here are a few small bathroom improvements to consider:

Vertical lines for added height



You could either paint vertical stripes on your bathroom walls, or opt for stripe-patterned wallpaper. For higher budgets, you may also try extending bathroom tiles up to the ceilings.

Light colours for a larger feel


If you’re into bold colours, you would have to use them sparingly in your small bathroom. The room will only seem smaller if you incorporate busy patterns and bold colours. Light-coloured walls, however, will give the illusion of a larger room. Pastels, neutrals, and whites are perfect for the task.

Mirrors and Lighting for greater depth, length, and width

mirror lights

Use small mirrors to evenly distribute light in the bathroom and make the entire space look brighter. Use clear shower screen for added light and the illusion of extra space. Remove objects or curtains blocking windows and let natural light in.

Larger tiles for the illusion of bigger space

big tiles

Larger tiles also mean fewer tiles. This will help add an air of greater space.

Pedestal bins, floating cabinets, and exposed shelving for more floor space

diy bathroom

Instead of bulky structures, go for pedestal bins, floating cabinets, and exposed shelving. All of these combined will provide enough storage space, and leave enough room for moving around. In case you’re looking to get a bathtub, a small but deep one would be the perfect model.

Sliding door for space conservation

 sliding door

Save every inch of space you can by installing sliding doors instead of hinged doors. It provides a clean look that compliments all the other bathroom-maximising installations you have put in place.


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