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How to save money for office supplies

office supplies

How much money do you spend on office supplies on a monthly basis? This is an expense commonly ignored due to its diminutive nature. But as a business grows, so does its office supplies spending. Business owners who do not monitor this risk getting supply purchases balloon out of control.

Here are five ways to control spending on office supplies.

  1. Set up a corporate account

For businesses with more than 20 employees, retailers often provide corporate accounts complete with an online portal for keeping track of purchased items on behalf of the company. These services also allow setting limits on items employees can purchase. 

  1. Practice bulk-buying

You can save a lot of money when you buy your office supplies in bulk. Do this for items you need and use a lot, such as paper. But here’s a tip: if you really want to save on supplies, go for a paperless office instead. 

  1. Opt for house brands

Instead of buying branded items which definitely cost more, go for generic items. Apart from being cheaper, it is also more likely to go on sale. However, if you’re buying in bulk, make sure to test the quality of the items you want to buy first so you don’t end up with unusable and defective stuff. 

  1. Set up a supply station

A common area where office supplies are stored is helpful for keeping an inventory and avoiding the purchase of redundant or unnecessary items. It would also help employees find supplies they’re looking for without heading out to buy immediately. 

  1. Stock up before you run out

Don’t wait until you run out of supplies before you head out to buy and replenish your stocks. This is the perfect recipe for impulsive buying. The best solution is to purchase ahead of time. 

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