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How to Restart Your Drive and Motivation for Business

The last day of the month is usually the busiest due to the holiday season full of gift giving. But that doesn’t mean the team should shrug what January can bring. The after holidays are considered the calm after the storm, but others see this as a season to look back, evaluate and make changes.

Make the business better as it starts a new chapter this year. Grab the chance to set new goals and develop strategies on how to achieve it. There are actually ways on how to restart your drive and motivation for business success in 2019.


Look back

A great way to start the year is to look back at the previous 12 months and evaluate everything. Think of this as a guide for the business’ New Year’s resolution with the goal of making the business better than last year’s.

During reflection time, it’s best to look at both sides of the coin. Looking back at the good and the bad will help you show where you, as a business owner, and your business is at the moment. In short, this will clearly show you your strengths and weaknesses, the wrong decisions you made, and how well the business performed last year.


Carry on

After looking back at everything that happened in the past 12 months, it’s time to think of a game plan. This game plan will cover the next 12 months (starting January) of 2019 and is based on the lessons learned from the experiences last year. The trick to making this happen is through the creation of a goal that will encompass the entire year and smaller goals that will help the team reach the broader goal.

Howewer, things are easier said than done. That’s why the team should be able to create an outline to help guide them in reaching the created goals.


Be clutter-free

Stress is everywhere, and one of the common sources is an employee’s overflowing inbox. Since it’s the new year, it’s time for a fresh start. You and your team should also look back and carry on with your inboxes, removing clutter and allowing space for more important and urgent emails.

Having an inbox with no messages at all is an impossible feat, but making it clutter-free is possible. Here are things to start off:

  • Before deleting an email, always double check if it’s urgent, needed, or not.
  • Reply to urgent messages right away
  • Remove yourself in the recipients if you’re not part of that email chain
  • Create filters
  • Create folders to redirect certain emails to designated email folders
  • Keep cleaning emails when necessary


Having control with your inboxes can tremendously help the efficiency and workflow of the team, helping the business accomplish more and produce better results.

Owning a business takes responsibility, determination, skills, money, and skill to make it work and grow. The business owner should also act as a leader to guide the team. Whether it’s the New Year or Year End, these tips can still help up the business in focusing on things that matter since goals are set and strategies are established in order to accomplish those goals. Moreover, if you’re a business buyer looking at National Brokers Network’s listings, these tips can help you get started in transforming the business and making it better.

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